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Providing Products and Services in the areas of Remote Access Security, Robust Authentication Methods, Product integration Consulting, Corporate Social Networks and Custom Software Development.

Remote Access Security

(NAC) Network Access Controller

We provide robust remote access security for small, medium, and large networks. Our security system provides robust authentication, integrated one-time password generation technology, access control, auditing, and many more functionalities. The architecture supports small networks, with less than 50 users, to large networks with well over one million users.

  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Strong Access Control
  • Call Auditing Reports
  • IP Pool Management
  • Extensive Protocol Support
  • Multi Network Support

One Time Password Generation Technology

One-Time password Generation Technology (NacID)

The name of our product is NacID. The NacID is a dynamic password (token) generation software that works with our Security System product line. It generates a dynamic token every time a secret is entered by the person to whom it is assigned. Each token is displayed for one minute. After one minute the token and other entries are cleared. For ease of use, the clipboard holds the secret and token so at the time of remote access authentication, users can just paste the contents at the password prompt.
If a token is not generated from the assigned NacID software then the authentication at the time of remote access to the enterprise network will fail.

One Time Password Generation Technology

Here are major functionalities of NacID:

  • Software Registration on PC
  • Token generation
  • Cannot be copied from one PC to another
  • Stand alone NacID sofware per user
  • Strong Audit - NacID misuse flagged
  • Fully integrated with our Security System
  • Administratively controlled time window to accept tokens
  • Misuse and replay are flagged
Corporate Level Social Networks

Corporate Level Social Networks (Productivity Enhancement Tool)

We work with corporate clients to understand their information sharing needs and accordingly customize our social network platform to meet the requirements. When corporate level social networks are used by employees to disseminate work related issues, achievements, milestones etc. then overall productivity of the company improves tremendously.

With our Corporate social network everyone gets to know:

  • Area of expertise of an Employee
  • Work experience
  • Current project
  • Peer to peer knowledge sharing
  • Internal and External Milestones achieved
  • Open issues
  • Resolved issues
  • Management feedback
  • Access based on privilege
  • Employee feedback
Customized Development and Support

Customized Development and Support

The network security market is changing very rapidly and every time you introduce a new network access server, security protocol, new functionality in an existing product within the network then it makes the administrative and operations side unmanageable.

We work with our customers, understand their changing needs and develop software based solutions to make the administration of the system much more manageable.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support

We currently provide three types of maintenance packages:
Silver Package:

  • 8x5 Support i.e. 8 hours from Monday through Friday
  • All software fixes developed during the valid contract period.
  • Email or phone support.
Gold Package:
  • 8x7 support
  • All software fixes developed during the valid contract period.
  • Email or phone support.
  • Enhancement of existing features
  • New feature development is not handled in this package
Platinum Package:
  • 16x7 support
  • All functionalities provided in the Gold package
  • Custom feature development within the frame work of the product
  • On-site support when required

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