Known Access Inc. is an Identity & Access Management Company

If you want the right people to access your network and network resources securely then contact us. Build a Secure Network for your Employees, Customers, Vendors & Partners.

We help you build a Secure Network using some of the following Technologies

Remote VPN Access

Multi-Factor Authentication

Touch ID & Face ID



Mobile App OTP


PUSH Token Technology

Controlled Network Access

Specific MFA per Application

Access from Specified Access Point

Access to Select resources

Access to Select Protocol

Access from Specified vendor Routers

Real-Time Profile Builder

IP Address Specific Access

User (Employee/Partner/Customer)

MFAs (Authenticators)

User Groups

Access Routers

Access Router Groups

Network Resources

Administrators & Capabilities

User Profiles

User Activities

Time of Access

Point of Entry

MFA Used

Authentication Protocol Used

User’s IP Address

Access Status

Administrative Activities

In order to secure a network and network resources, we provide a flexible Lifecycle management software

You can provision, make changes, disable, and  retire a network resource using our Lifecycle Management Software.

We log some of the Following Information:

User ID

IP Address of Remote device

MFA Used (For Example – NacPass)

Time of Access

Access RAS/NAS/Router

Access Profile Used

Authentication Status

Reason of  Authentication Failure if any

Real-Time and Historical Reports are provided: