Provider of Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access management is a process for identifying, authenticating and authorizing users so that proper people in an organization have access to the resources that are permitted

What is Identity & Access Management

 There are four major factors to have a strong Identity and Access Management:

  1. Strong Authentication -The identity of a user or device that is intrinsically stringent enough to ensure the security of the system it protects by withstanding any attacks it is likely to encounter
  2. Resource Management -Security administrators can give permission to users to access a resource and it is also called authorization
  3. Access Control – It is the selective restriction of access to certain resources
  4. Security data Management – Administratively it is the way to protect the security policies, user and network identity, authorization and access control

How Identity & Access Management is Implemented

  • Permission Based Access – Authorized administrators can manage select resources
  • Access Management – What is permitted and what is denied is managed here
  • User Management – Users with access to a particular MFA are allowed to access select resources
  • Group management – Grouping of users and resources to implement policies
  • Resource access authorization – Realtime implementation of resource access permission
  • Access control – Building access control for access points, groups, users & resources
  • User profile management – Centralized profile management applied in realtime
  • Audit and Logging – Keeping a record of all activities
  • Workflow management – Complete lifecycle is managed

Single & Multi-Location Access Control

  • Location-Based Access – Flexibility to provide location based access control. For example, you will be able to provision, in few simple steps, users who can only access CA network.
  • Select Server Access Restrict users to access only few select servers
  • Vendor Specific Access Control Flexible provisioning to restrict users to access select vendor devices
  • MFA Based Access – Allow users to access certain devices using a particular MFA
  • Enable & Disable existing resources – Temporarily activate or deactivate certain resources
  • Security Policy Based Access – Build flexible security policies for your employees to provide access to limited resources in your network

Identity & Access Management Lifecycle

 Steps taken to manage the lifecycle of all the resources:

  • Resource configuration – All the network resources can be configured that are required for security
  • MFA Assignment – MFAs can be assigned, unassigned, disabled, enabled and deleted with our lifecycle software
  • Access Permissions – We provide all the capabilities to control the access for your users to select resources
  • Make Changes – We allow to modify the existing configurations of the resources as per your changing needs
  • Enable & Disable existing resources – If certain resources are not required temporarily then it can be disabled
  • Delete resources – Capability to delete the resources from your database is provided to meet your changing needs

Identity & Access Management (IAM) Processes & Products

Facial Recognition System concept.

Strong Authentication

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • TouchI D & Face ID 
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Token-Less
  • Mobile App
  • Simple APP Registration
  • Operational with/without WiFi

Security management

  • User 
  • MFAs
  • User Groups
  • Access Router (RAS/NAS) groups
  • Network Resources
  • Administrators & Capabilities
  • User Profiles
  • Lifecycle Management

Hardware Token to provide strong authentication

Access Management

  • Time of Access
  • Allowed Access Points
  • Type of MFA allowed
  • Access to select protocols
  • Access to select servers
  • Access to Vendor specific routers
  • IP Address specific access
  • Real-Time permission builder

NacPass Mobile App

    • Registration
    • Token Request
    • Token Push
    • Pre-Authorization (Token-Less)
    • Touch ID & Face ID
    • AES256 Encryption
    • TLS Based Communication
    • Hashed security data


  • OTP Protocol
  • YubiKey Programming
  • Configuration Loading
  • Auto Assignment
  • MFA Backup