Access Control

Although access control has largely been considered the same as authorization but we recommend few additional steps on top of authorization to fully secure a network

Access From a Particular RAS / NAS

Use of a Particular MFA Required

Must be in a Particular Access Group

Must be allowed to use a Particular Authentication Protocol

Must have Access to a Particular Device

Access From a Origin Group (Group of RAS / NAS)

Use of a Particular MFA Required to Access a Particular Group of Routers

User Must be Assigned the MFA required by the Group of Routers

The Router Must be able to Handle a particular Authentication Protocol

User Must have Permission to use the above Protocol

Centralized Administration

  • Configure Origins With MFA
  • Configure Groups with MFA
  • Assign Group Permissions to User
  • Assign MFA to User
  • Assign Protocol Access to the Group
  • Assign Protocol to the User