Access Security Selection Process

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Assessment of Security Needs

  • Access Security Requirements
  • Secure remote access to your network, 
  • Secure access to your servers & applications 
  • Limit access to your network devices 
  • Level of security for your employees, contractors and partners
  • Two-factor or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security 
  • Type of MFA required
  • Level of support required
  • Specific security requirements
  • Edge security – In-House security management
  • Cloud based security solution 

Cloud vs Edge Security

Cloud Security
  • Easy to implement, 4-6 weeks
  • No security expertise required
  • Much easier to implement
  •  No servers to buy
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • User management GUI
  • Access control GUI
  • User activity monitoring GUI
  • Excellent lifecycle management
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Edge Security
  • On-Premises Security
  • Handles within network
  • Good for Large Companies
  • Quick Response Time
  • No Internet Exposure
  • No Exposure of Sensitive data 
  • Direct Access to Security DB
  • Access control interface
  • Lifecycle management Interface
  • Many MFAs to choose from

Type of MFA Needed

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  • Supported MFAs (Multi-factor Authenticators):
    1. NacPass APP (For Cloud & Edge Security)
    2. NacID Soft-Tokens (For Edge Security only)
    3. YubiKey-OTP (For Cloud & Edge Security)
    4. RSA Tokens (For Edge Security only)
    5. SMS Based Tokens (For Edge Security only)
  •  Hardware token Yubikey is by YubiCo
  • Hardware token SecurID is by Dell Technologies
  • Mobile App NacPass is by Known Access Inc.
  • Desktop soft-token NacID is by Known Access Inc.
  • SMS based token generation is by Known Access Inc

Level of Support Required

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Customization of your Security

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  • Product customization for edge-security customers
  • Uniquely protect network and security database
  • To meet internal security processes
  • Work within the constraints of internal systems
  • Make security implementation seamless
  • No need to modify internal security processes
  • Industry leader in providing security customization
  • Eliminates the threat of cookie cutter cyber attacks 
  • Increases the security of network and network resources