Cloud-Based Network Access Security

Cloud computing and computer networking concept

Security as a Service – SaaS

What is Cloud-Based Security

  • Security as a services – SaaS
  • No hardware required
  • Very easy to start the service
  • Off-Premises service
  • Virtualized network (Cloud) based implementation
  • Security service over virtualized network is cloud based security
  • Enterprise routers are configured for Cloud security
  • Identity management is provided
  • Access management is handled in cloud
  • Auditing and logging is performed in cloud

How does it Work

  • SignUp for Known Access Cloud service
  • Select your Multi-Factor Authenticator
  • Follow a simple setup process
  • Enter your employees, contractors, vendors and partners who need to access your network
  • Once the basic configuration is done then all the authentication requests coming into your network are routed to the SaaS (Security as a Service) of Known Access 
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) is handled in the cloud
  • Access is granted or denied based on rules setup by your administrators
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Easy StartUp Process

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  • Few simple steps are required to start the ball rolling for a cloud based security service
  • Sign up and provide your company’s information.
  • Pick the authenticator(s) for your company and the level of support required
  • Follow few simple steps to route your security traffic to our cloud based service
  • Enter the users for network access. We can help you to export the existing user database to our system
  • Once all the above steps are taken, users are ready to access the network securely

Network Setup

  • An IP address will be provided to each customer once the start-up process has completed successfully
  • The IP address has to be configured in the customer’s routers 
  •  Additional security keys will be provided to the customer to keep the information secured.
  • In case of multiple routers, each one has to be configured independently.
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Management of Employees, Contractors & Business Partners

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  • We help you to migrate your existing database to our system
  • Administrators of your company can add users using our GUI based interface
  • Changes can be made at anytime by your authorized administrators
  • Permission to deny access to a particular user or a set of users is provided
  • We provide the capability to change user’s authenticators at anytime
  • Allow or Deny access to certain network resources
  • Allow or deny the access from certain access-points (NAS & RAS)

Activity Management

  • User activities can be monitored
  • Each entry will have:
    1. Time
    2. User Name
    3. Success/failure status
    4. Failure Code (if any)
    5. Access point 
    6. Originating IP address
    7. MFA used 
  • Real-time and historical reports
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