Product & Service Customization

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We can help you save millions of dollars by providing you a customized product that interfaces with your management systems seamlessly and feature set that meets all your security policies

What is Product Customization

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  • Each enterprise is different in terms of their management systems for employees, contractors, vendors, customers, use of MFAs based on the user type, reporting system, HR database interface systems etc. In order to integrate the enterprise management systems with any security system typically companies manually handle all the differences between these systems and have a team of skilled employees to continuously work on this issue.
  • We strongly recommend automation in this area to make the security system more efficient and in the process save millions of dollars over the next few years
  • Each enterprise has different security requirements and any off-the-shelf product cannot meet all the security needs. In order to force-fit a particular security system in a large network it will cause many issues.
  • Our team of experts can work with you to help you automate your security management interface so that you do not require a team of highly skilled engineers just to manage that issue on a on-going basis.
  • In addition to providing you a seamless security solution, we also work with your corporate security organization to implement some of your specific security policies

How it is Achieved

Our engineers will work with your team to understand your management systems and provide you solutions to automate the interworking between your management systems and our security system. Many times these issues can be solved by simply developing script based interface but in other cases an API is required to solve the integration issue. Also in some cases the changes in the database and security software is required to make the two systems compatible. We work with you to solve the issues.

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With customization you will have a security system that is fully integrated with your internal management systems and all your security policies and rules are in place as defined by your corporate security. There is a tremendous cost saving when our security system and your internal management systems work seamlessly. Also, having a customized  database, features, protocol, encryption and hashing methods in your security system makes your network less vulnerable and much more secured and efficient.


A team of dedicated engineers will provide you support and maintenance of your customized system. A customized product support is provided with the Platinum package only. Also you will have a direct access to the research and development team of security experts to understand your issues or need of new security rules/policies and provide you a hardware and/or software based solution.