Known Access Cloud Security Demo

For demo purposes, we will use the setup shown below. This demo will use the Known Access NacPass app as the second factor for authentication (first factor being your user-name and password). The Known Access Cloud Security Services and the NacPass app do not know the difference between “real” and “demo” setups.


Known Access Cloud Security Demo Setup

During the demo, we will need your email address for NacPass app setup. (We will send your NacPass setup credentials to this email address.) You will download the NacPass app for your iPhone or Android phone from the appropriate app store and register it using the credentials we provided to you in our email.

You will be able to test multifactor authentication using a simulated VPN client incorporated in our web page. You will be able to try various authentication scenarios. You will also see the notification messages delivered to NacPass for various events.

For more information about the demo, please click here.