Enterprise Edge Security

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Edge-Secirity – The Identity Management & Access Management are handled at the edges of your network or within your network so the sensitive data never goes over the Internet

Who should consider Edge Security

  •  2000+ Employees 
  • 100+ Clients – Access Points
  • 5+ locations 
  • 50+ Access Control Policies 
  • Group based policies
  • Layered Network – Secured to DMZ
  • Require two or more MFAs
  • Require direct access to raw database
  • Require direct access to raw database
  • Require custom reports
  • Keep security data within network
  • Want to run your own scripts
  • Require location based policies
  • Require real-time access control 
  • Network latency tolerance

If you meet many of the above criteria then you can consider edge security based solution

Edge Security Architecture

  • Layered or Flat Network
  • Flat Network – Secured by firewalls at edges
  • Layered Network – Innermost layer is most secured and the outermost layer is least. Each layer is secured from its outer layer
  • We support both architectures
  • Preferred architecture is layered network 
  • Our security servers with database reside in the innermost secured network.
  •  Known Access security servers with Internet access & without database reside in the outermost layer (DMZ).
  • No direct communication between the innermost network and the Internet.
  • Secure communication within innermost network
  •  No sensitive data is passed from the innermost to the outermost network
  • Inter-layer communication is protected by TLS security
  • In Flat Networks, all the security servers are kept within the network protected by firewalls. 
  • Firewalls are configured so the Internet traffic can go to only one type of Known Access security servers
  •  All the Internet traffic accessing our servers has strong transport layer security
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Known Access Edge Security Product-Line

An Network servers in data room .

Centralized Security Administration Controller (CSAC)

  • Security management
  • Network Parameter management
  • Access point management
  • MFA management
  • User administration
  • Group management
  • User profile management
  • Access control management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Audits & Reports
  • Redundancy provided

Remote Access Controller (RAC) 

  • Authentication
  • MFA handling
  • Multi-protocol handling
  • Access Control
  • Profile handling
  • Mobile App handling
  • SMS token processing
  • Log and Audit generation
  • Notification management

Key Distribution Controller (KDC).

  • Distribution of sensitive data
  • Prioritization of traffic
  • High priority traffic routed quickly
  • Application level router
  • Separates time-sensitive traffic for quick distribution
  • Architecturally it sits in the innermost layer
  • No direct or indirect Internet communication
  • Routing tables are updated as new resources are introduced
  • Redundancy is provided
  • Auto switch-over in case of failure

Gateway Access Controller (GAC).

  • Internet access through enterprise firewall
  • Communication over TLS protocol
  • Handles NacPass Mobile App communication
  • Handles SMS based communication
  • Handles Email based communication
  • No security database on GACs
  • Redundancy provided
  • Traffic distribution over multiple GACs
  • Block unwanted callers

Identity & Access Management (IAM) & Supported Processes & Products

Facial Recognition System concept.

Strong Authentication

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • TouchI D & Face ID 
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Token-Less
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop Soft Token
  • Push Token Technology

Security management

  • User 
  • MFAs
  • User Groups
  • Access Router (RAS/NAS) groups
  • Network Resources
  • Administrators & Capabilities
  • User Profiles
  • Lifecycle Management

Access Management

  • Time of Access
  • Allowed Access Points
  • Type of MFA allowed
  • Access to select protocols
  • Access to select servers
  • Access to Vendor specific routers
  • IP Address specific access
  • Real-Time permission builder

NacPass Mobile App

    • Registration
    • Token Request
    • Token Push
    • Pre-Authorization (Token-Less)
    • Touch ID & Face ID
    • AES256 Encryption
    • TLS Based Communication
    • Hashed security data


  • OTP Protocol
  • YubiKey Programming
  • Configuration Loading
  • Auto Assignment
  • MFA Backup


  • Configuration Loading
  • User Assignment
  • Multiple Tokens per User
  • Lifecycle management
  • 6-Digit Tokens

SMS OTP Tokens

  • Token Request
  • Token Push
  • Previous request
  • Information
  • Tokens valid during session only

NacID Desktop Authenticator

  • Windows Based 
  • 7-Digit Tokens
  • NacID Registration
  • Valid on only one Desktop
  • Temper Resistant

Threat Prevention

  • Real-Time Access Analysis
  • Authentication Analysis
  • Suspicious users flagged
  • Each authentication attempt audited
  • Detailed logging for debugging
  • Auto user suspension
  • Administrator controlled suspensions
  • Invalid SMS traffic blocked
  • Invalid NacPass traffic blocked at source
  • NacPass guesswork attempt flagged
  • Invalid use of YubiKey rejected
  • Authentication from invalid clients rejected & audited
  • Excessive invalid attempts flagged
  •  High frequency authentication attempts blocked
  • Redundant security databases to prevent localized threat
  • User notification for all access attempts
  • Any un-authorized access notified
  • Joint threat prevention supported
  • Many reporting capabilities to analyse and prevent threats
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Layered Security

  • Provision to support two MFAs per user
  • Use one MFA and get access notification on the other MFA
  • Use two MFAs to authenticate
  •  Notifications supported over NacPass & SMS
  • Security can be provided in layers
  • If one layer of security is breached then other layers will keep the network secure
  • Authorize using Mobile App and authenticate using any other MFA
  • Our data over TLS links are strongly encrypted although TLS provides end-to-end communication security
  • Few years ago SSL protocol was replaced with TLS. Don’t know when TLS will be replaced with something stronger protocol
  • We highly recommend layered networks and layered security to protect your network for long haul.

Feature Rich Product-Line & Services

  • Robust access security
  • Support of small, medium, and large networks.
  • Provide robust Identity & Access Management
  • Integrated one-time password generation technology
  • Auditing & Logging
  • Real-Time Profile management
  • Support small networks (~50 Users) to large networks (1M+ Users)
  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Strong Identity Management
  • Strong Access Control
  • Call Auditing & Logging
  • Real-Time Profile Management
  • IP Pool Management
  • Extensive Protocol Support
  • Support of Layered network architecture
  • Support of multi-vendor RAS & NAS