Seamless Bulk  Data Migration to Known Access Cloud Security Services (KACSS)

Step 1

Pick At Least One Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA) for Your Enterprise
We provide Mobile App based MFA (NacPass) & hardware token based MFA (YubiKey-OTP)

You have four options:

  1. NacPass Mobile App for all users
  2. Yubikey hardware token for all users
  3.  NacPass Mobile App for some users  & YubiKey for the rest
  4. NacPass App and Yubikey both for few or all users

Step 2

Build User Profile for Upload

You have two options to enter your users in our system. You can enter your users one-at-a-time using our web interface or you can upload a file of multiple users in CSV format (comma separated) that has the following fields:
UserID, User Name, Country Code, Phone Number, Email, & Optional Temporary Password

Option 1 – Keep the existing password for all users
If you want your users to use their existing password then build an upload file, without user 
password, as shown below:

UserID1,First-Name Last-Name, 1,1012345678,
UserID2,First-Name Last-Name, 1,2012345678,
UserID3,First-Name Last-Name, 1,3012345678,
UserID4,First-Name Last-Name, 1,4012345678,
UserID5,First-Name Last-Name, 1,5012345678,
UserID6,First-Name Last-Name, 1,6012345678,
UserID7,First-Name Last-Name, 1,7012345678,
UserID8,First-Name Last-Name, 1,8012345678,
UserID9,First-Name Last-Name, 1,9012345678,

Option 2 – Assign a temporary password and users can change when used for the first time
A typical user profile when you want your users to use a temporary password

UserID1,First-Name Last-Name, 1,1012345678,,temp-password
UserID2,First-Name Last-Name, 1,2012345678,,temp-password
UserID3,First-Name Last-Name, 1,3012345678,,temp-password
UserID4,First-Name Last-Name, 1,4012345678,,temp-password
UserID5,First-Name Last-Name, 1,5012345678,,temp-password
UserID6,First-Name Last-Name, 1,6012345678,,temp-password
UserID7,First-Name Last-Name, 1,7012345678,,temp-password
UserID8,First-Name Last-Name, 1,8012345678,,temp-password
UserID9,First-Name Last-Name, 1,9012345678,,temp-password

The temporary passwords can be the same or unique per user. Since each user will
log in using a multi factor authenticator, no hackers can get into the system. 
Please follow your company policy to provide a temporary password to your users.

You can create multiple user files to upload. Make sure each file can be associated
with a particular type of authenticator. For example, if you want 50 NacPass users
and 50 YubiKey users to be uploaded then please prepare two separate user files.

Step 3

Procedure to Upload User File

Once the user file is ready,  click on Users button from your Dashboard page. At the bottom right there is a button Bulk Add. Click on the Bulk Add button. Now you will be on  Add/Setup Users in Bulk page.

At this point please click on Choose File button at the bottom left to select a user file that you have prepared in Step-2. Once the file is selected, the file name will appear after the Choose File button.

If you want all the users in the upload file to have NacPass App then click on Add for NacPass button. Similarly if you want all your users to have YubiKey then click on Add for YubiKey button.

If you want to add some users for Nacpass and others for YubiKey then you need to prepare two separate files.

If your preference is to provide  NacPass as well as Yubikey to all your users then you need to upload the file as prepared in Step-2 and then click on Add for NacPass button. Now you have to repeat the process of uploading the same file again and then click on Add for Yubikey button. It is preferable to add the NacPass users first.

Once you complete all the above steps, your user data will be securely migrated to Known Access Cloud Security Services (KACSS)