Access Security Selection Process

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Security Needs & Budget

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  • The initial process is to find out what you are looking for in terms of access security
  • Do you want to provide access to your network, servers, applications and other devices to your employees, contractors and other business partners
  • Do you have a need to provide 2-factor or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security to protect your resources
  • Type of authenticators (or MFA) you want to use to protect your environment
  • Level of support you will require to secure your environment. It depends upon level of expertise you have in-house.
  • Do you have any specific security requirements to protect your environment

Cloud vs Edge Security

Cloud Security
  • The Cloud based access security is managed in off-premises virtual private cloud (VPC) based data centers managed by Amazon, Microsoft, or other providers.
  • Cloud based security is easy to manage and easy to implement.
  • Instead of physical hardware security servers in your network you will have virtual servers in the cloud
  • Your security database is stored in the cloud and it can be managed by using a graphical user interface (GUI).
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Edge Security
  • The Edge based access security is managed much closer to the network and it requires  on-premises security hardware
  • The Edge security is recommended for large corporations who experience periods of heavy or bursty traffic at certain time of the day and require quick response time. 
  • The Edge security gives you assurance that your sensitive data will never leave your network.
  • You always have direct access to the security hardware

Type of MFA Needed

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  • We support the following multi-factor authenticators:
    1. NacPass APP
    2. NacID Soft-Tokens
    3. YubiKey-OTP
    4. RSA Tokens
    5. SMS Based Tokens
  •  The third party authenticators YubiKey and RSA tokens are hardware based devices
  • The NacPass is an APP developed by Known Access that provides “User Authorization” capability as well as AES256 encrypted token delivery method
  • The NacID is a token generation software that is developed by Known Access that generates a 7-digit token every 60 seconds 

Level of Support Required

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Customization of your Security

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  • Product customization is typically opted by the edge-security customers
  • It makes their product unique and protects them if someone else’s database or system gets compromised
  • Each edge-security customer has their own internal security processes and the security system has to work within those constraints
  • In order for the security to work seamlessly within the constraints of the enterprise network makeup and their internal security processes, it is imperative that either the security system is customized or the internal processes are modified
  • We work with the customers to provide a customized security solution. We are one of the few industry leaders to provide this service
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If you are considering a cloud based security for your company and would like to see how the service will work then please select the “Sign Up” button and fill up a simple form. Someone will contact you shortly after that to understand your needs and help you to start a trial.

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If you are considering an edge-based access security for your company and would like to know more details then please contact us and someone from our sales team will get in touch with you shortly after that.