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NacID SoFT Tokens

The NacID is a password generation software that works with our Security product line and cloud based security services. It generates a token every time a secret is entered by the user to whom it is assigned. Each token is displayed for one minute only.

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The NacPass App provides a secure method to deliver tokens and other messages to the end users from the Known Access security product-line and cloud based services. All the communication between the NacPass App and Known Access servers is secured in multiple layers of encrypted channels.

Hardware tokens

We support YubiCo's Yubikey4 and Yubikey5 for the OTP protocol. It emits a character string of public-key and OTP whenever the key is touched. Also we support RSA's hardware based SecurID token that generates a 6-digit code every 30 or 60 seconds.

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We provide the SMS based security integrated with other authentication methods to keep your network secured. Whenever users try to access the network with password only, a 7-digit code is sent to the user via SMS. Users must enter that code to authenticate successfully.

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  • We provide the cloud based access security services for very small companies to large corporations.
  • We support multiple authenticators, as mentioned above, to assure the identity of the users.
  • Various methods are used to notify the users and management whenever access is granted to the user.
  • All the activities of the users are logged and audited that include success and failures.
  • You can start with a Free Trial to see if it meets your needs and security requirements.
Data Center
  • We are the leader in providing edge-security to medium (2K to 10K users) to large (up-to 500K users) corporations.
  • We have over 30 years of experience in providing access security products.
  • We provide robust Identity management & Access Control security that is fully integrated with all the supported authentication methods.
  • We fully support heterogeneous environments to make it easier for our customers to buy the latest networking technology from any vendor.
  • Managing each user with different security needs is handled with our specialized software.
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We provide the best in class products, support and maintenance services. Our customer support team is trained to provide you support in the areas of provisioning, MFA configuration, setting up your database efficiently. Right from day one our team can help to setup your security environment and continue to work with you so that all your security needs are met. For our enterprise customers, we work with your security & network operations team to provide you a solution that is just right for your environment.

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Every access attempt to the network, servers, applications is audited so it can be monitored for potential threat activities. If any security threat is detected by our security system, the administrators are notified. In addition to the user activities we also audit network activities like re-transmitted or dropped UDP packets, slow response time, network congestion, etc. and alert the administrators accordingly.

The access security market is changing very rapidly and every time a new type of network access server (NAS) is introduced or a new vendor specific attribute/value pair is introduced or a new functionality is added to an existing RAS or a data switch is changed then your security may not work seamlessly as expected. That is the major issue with a heterogeneous environment and our security customization team will provide you solution to resolve that issue.

We work with you to understand your changing needs and develop software based solutions so the security works seamlessly in your environment.

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